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The Clinical Study on 1 patient with swollen leg
Choi, Hoi-Kang; So, Ki-Suk; Kim, Sung-Nam; Lim, Jeong-A; Lee, Joung-Hoon; Moon, Hyung-Cheol; Kim, Sung-Chul
Objectives : This study is performed for the purpose of proving the efficacy of the Oriental medicine of swollen leg. Edema is defined as an increase in the extravascular(interstitial) component of the extracellular fluid volume, which may expand by several liters before the abnormality is recognized. We treated one case of patient with a swollen leg. Methods & results : We examined DITI before treatment and after treatment. We measured the circumference of thigh and calf every morning, so we compared with the values day after day. So we found the fact that leg swelling considerably decreased after treatment for 14 days. We followed up after discharge. Conclusions : Acupuncture, Aquacupuncture and Herbal medicine is possible to be effective for treating patients with a swollen leg.
Edema; swollen leg; aquacupuncture; DITI
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