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An Experimental Study on Effects of Distilled Red-ginseng Herbal Acupuncture on A549 human ephithelial lung cancer cell in vitro and implanted Sarcoma-180
Won, Seung-Hwan; Kwon, Ki-Rok; Lee, Sun-Gu
Objectives : In order to investigate effects and immune improvement of distilled red-ginseng herbal Acupuncture, expression of Cox-1, Cox-2, and mRNA of Bcl-2 and Bax were analyzed in A549 cell in vivo. Survival time and expression of cytokine mRNA were measured for the mice with Sarcoma-180 induced abdominal cancer. Methods : Balb/c mouse was treated with distilled red-ginseng Herbal Acupuncture at Wisu() and Chung- wan() to investigate anti-cancer effects and immune response. Results : 1. For expression of mRNA of Cox-1 using RT-PCR, the control group and the experiment groups didn't show significant differences. For Cox-2, both experiment groups and the normal group showed significant differences. 2. For expression of mRNA of Bcl-2 using RT-PCR, experiment groups showed slight decrease compared to the control group. For Bax, no significant changes were shown between the control group and experiment groups. 3. For survival time, all of experiment groups showed 11.1% increase compared to the control group. 4. For IL-2 and IL-4 productivity using Flow cytometry, all of experiment groups didn't show any significance. 5. For IL-2 productivity using ELISA, all of experiment groups didn't show any significance. 6. For expression of cytokine mRNA using RT-PCR, significant increase of IL.-2 and IL-4 were witnessed in the experiment group II compared to the control group. Significant increase of IL-10 was shown in all off experiment groups compared to the control group. Conclusion : According to the results, we can expect that distilled red-ginseng Herbal Acupuncture may be further effccts in anti-cancer and immune improvement if increasing concentration.
Distilled red-ginseng; Herbal Acupuncture; A549 human epithelial lung cancer cell; Sarcoma-180 cancer cell; IL-2; IL-4; IL-10IFN-γ; Cytokine mRNA
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