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The side effect of Lubricants Pharmacopuncture in the rat tissues
Kim, B.W.; Kwon, K.R.
Objectives:This study was performed to examine the side effect of inflammatory reactions of Pharmacopuncture lubricants (CF and JsD) using animal model. Methods:Pharmacopuncture lubricants (CF and JsD) were treated repeatedly the same point in Sprague-Dawley rats. And after finish the treatment, we obtain the tissue of muscle layer in rats where Pharmacopuncture lubricants were treated. And we observed the tissue how the change occurred in HE staining. Results: 1. There was no evidence to make inflammation induced by pharmacopuncture lubricants except 4 weeks treated group. 2. Only 4 weeks treated group(CF, JsD) were showed some infectional tissue's view in H-E staining. But it is not certain due to Pharmacopuncture lubricants. Conclusion:It appears that prolonged usage of pharmacopuncture lubricant on the specific point can induce inflammation, so we may be careful for treating time and point using pharmacopuncture lubricant in clinics.
Side-effect; pharmacopuncture; lubricants; CF and JsD
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