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Effects of bee venom acupuncture on heart rate variability, pulse wave, and cerebral blood flow for types of Sasang Constitution
Lee, Sang-Min; Kim, Koo; Oh, Seung-Yun; Kwon, Young-Mi; Joo, Jong-Cheon
1. Objectives To evaluate effects of bee venom acupuncture on cardiovascular system and differences according to each constitution. 2. Methods Heart rate variability, pulse wave and the velocity of cerebral blood flow were measured before bee venom acupuncture(BVA), right after and after 30 minuets, had been applied to 20 subjects. 3. Results 1. BVA did not have effects on measurement variables of heart rate variability. 2. BVA had effects on pulse wave, showing total time, radial augmentation index up and height of percussion wave, time to percussion wave, sum of pulse pressure down. 3. BVA did not have effects on the cerebral blood flow velocity when considering not Sasang Constitution. 4. Considering Sasang Constitution, BVA demonstrates different responses in time to preincisura wave, mean blood flow velocity, peak systolic velocity and end diastolic velocity. 4.Conclusion From those results, the following conclusions are obtained. Cause BVA alters pulse wave and makes differences in the cerebral blood flow velocity according to Sasang Constitution. Various methods of BVA treatment are needed considering Sasang Constitution.
bee venom; heart rate variability; pulse wave; cerebral blood flow; Sasang Constitution
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