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The Clinical Study on a case of Fibromyalgia Syndrome(FMS) Patient Case Report
Lee, Yoo-Hwan; Kim, Jung-Hee; Lee, Chang-Hwan; Kim, Cheol-Hong; Youn, Hyoun-Min
Objective : This study is to report the effect that taken by using oriental treatment on the patient with Fibromyalgia Syndrome(FMS). Methods : We have observed this case of patient treated by Acupuncture therapy, pharmacopuncture therapy and herbal medication. Results : There was improvement in condition of the patient who had Fibromyalgia Syndrome(FMS) after treated by using oriental treatment. Conclusion : Oriental treatments such as Acupuncture therapy, Pharmacopuncture therapy and herbal medication can be effective for the Fibromyalgia Syndrome(FMS).
Fibromyalgia Syndrome(FMS); Pharmacopuncture therapy
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