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The Clinical Study On 1 Case for The sensation of patient with Spinal Cord Injury whose is improved by using sweet BV
Park, In-Sun; Yoon, Il-Ji
Objective : Patients with spinal cord injury are increasing in numbers. However, there is no reliable treatment guide in both conventional & complementary medicine. Also, there are not much clinical case of patients with spina cord injury in oriental medical field. We investigated effect of sweet BV on subacute stage patient with spinal cord injury. Method : 31-year old female patient with spinal cord injury was treated with herb medicine(TID), electro arcupunture (BID), sweet BV injection(QOD), Physical treatment(QD), and conventional-medicine. Result : We had a satisfactory result with using sweet BV injection. The patient's ASIA grade improved from 34 to 52. And Frankle classification of the patient shifted from A to B. Conclusion : We reach a conclusion Using Sweet BV improve the sensation of patient with spinal cord injury. And more study about this disease is needed.
Spinal Cord Injury; Sweet BV; Sensation; ASIA; Frankle classification
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