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A Study on the local thermal changes following herbal acupuncture on D.I.T.I.
Yook, Tae-Han
This study was done to observe the effect on the local thermal changes of herbal acupuncture on D.I.T.I.. The objects of this study are as follows; If there are remarkable local thermal changes between pre and post herbal acupuncture therapy on D.I.T.I.or not. If there are those, We examine how long that changes are maintained, what the adequate interval is on herbal acupuncture therapy, and what the reaction in a .local or whole body are on that therapy Materials and Methods : To study the local thermal changes in herbal acupuncture therapy, D.I.T.I. was used. Determination of this analysis periods are pre and post-therapy(1 hour, 24hours, 48hours and 7days later). The study group was divided into three groups(comprised 23 students in oriental medical college, Woosuk University). One was NS(Normal Saline) group, another was CF(CARTHAMI SEMEN) group and the other was BU(FEL URSI + BENZOAR BOVIS) group. The Herbal Acupunture solution was injected 0.2ml divide into 0.05ml at tile P'ungmun(B12), P'yesu(B13), Pubun(B41), Paek'o(B42) 4 points. Then, in order to analyze the clinical form, we have observed response of 23 students whenever we checked the thermal changes of their after perfoming Results : The results were obtained as follows ; 1. There is no significant dermatothermal changes at NS group and CF group, but BU group have remarkable changes in 24, 48, 72 hours. 2. From post-therapy 1 hour to 48 hours, there is a significant change (P<0.01) at NS-BU group and CF-BU group, But there is none 7 days later. 3. In the analysis of whole or local body reaction, local pain appears at NS group(22%), CF group(11%), BU group(91%), discomfort reaction appears at CF group(14%), BU group(30%). BU groilp has feel vertigo(13%), drowsy (70%) and pain in action(52%). 4. In the analysis of the duration of physic진 reaction, BU group is most lately maintained. Conclusions : These results suggest that in the physical reaction of herbal acupuncture solutions, BU solution is more sensitive than CF solution or NS.
D.I.T.I. Herbal acupunture; FEL URSI; BEZOAR BOVIS; CARTHAMI SEMEN; Normal Saline
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