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The function of point injection in improving learning and memory dysfunction caused by cerebral ischemia
Chen, Hua-De
This experiment has investigated the influence of Yamen (Du. 15) point injection on learning and memory dysfunction caused by cerebral ischemia and reprofusion in bilateral cervical general artery combined with bleeding on mouse tail to mimic vascular dementia in human beings. By dividing 40 mice into 4 groups (group1false operation group, group2model group, group3point injection with Cerebrolysin group4point injection with saline.) According to random dividing principles, we observed the influence of Yamen(Du. 15) point injection on the time of swimming the whole course used by model mice which had received treatment for different days in different groups, and the influence of those mice on wrong times they entered blind end. The result showed that point injection with Cerebrolysin and saline could improve learning and memory dysfunction of the mice caused by cerebral ischemia.
Yamen (Du. 15); Point Injection; Cerebral Ischemia
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