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Case Study of Oriental Medicine Treatment with acupotomy Therapy of the Achilles Tendinitis
Jang, Eun-Ha; Lim, Na-Ra; Na, Won-Min; Kim, Sung-Chul
Purpose In order to estimate clinical effects of Oriental Medicine Treatment with acupotomy therapy of Achilles Tendinitis Methods From 4th August, 2008 to 14th August, 2008, 1 female patient diagnosed as Chronic Achilles Tendinitis (clinical diagnosed) was treated with general oriental medicine therapy(acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, physical therapy, herbal medication) and acupotomy. Results The patient's chief complaints- Lt. heel pain and stiffness, dorsi-flexion limitation, nodules in the achilles tendon- were notably improved. Conclusions This study demonstrates that oriental medical treatment with acuputomy therapy has significant effect in improving symptoms of achilles tendinitis. as though we had not wide experience in this treatment, more research is needed.
acupotomy therapy; chronic achilles tendinitis
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