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Genes expression by using cDNA Microarray in Whallak-tang
Sin, Cheol-Kyung; Lee, Chae-Woo; Yoo, Sun-Ae; Youn, Hyoun-Min; Jang, Kyung-Jeon; Song, Choon-Ho; Ahn, Chang-Beohm; Kim, Cheol-Hong
Objective This study was undertaken to determine the effect of Whallak-tang on expression of CD/cytokine Genes. Methods The expression of CD/Cytokine Genes were examined by cDNA microarray using the human mast cell line(HMC-1). Results The expression of ATP5F1, FLJ20671, unknown, KIAA0342, OAS2, unknown genes were increased in range. The expression of unknown, MDS006, IFITM1, MRPL3, ZNF207, FTH1, FBP1, NRGN, NR1H2, KIAA0747 genes were decreased in range. Conclusion These results would provide important basic data on the possibility of the clinical treatment of Whallak-tang in musculoskeletal disease.
Whallak-tang; cDNA microarray; musculoskeletal disease
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